Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Reflections from Liz Rogers

Day5 (March 14th):

Up this very early morning for no other reason than to reflect. Words can't begin to express the thoughts and feelings that I have experienced here in India. My expectations and impressions from others were imprinted in my head. Some have remained the same, such as the smells, the trash everywhere and the poverty. What has changed are my thoughts and expectations on how beautifully spirited the people are. The North and the South are different in comparison, much like the United States. However, the people are still amazing. I have been so blessed to be immersed in a culture that is so amazing and intriguing. This is a culture of family values, love and respect. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to visit two universities. One all woman university Stella Marris and Loyola. We discussed Human Rights and Dignity as well as Social Justice. I learned that India has a department of Human Rights and a department of child and safety. My professor was asked if we had that and the closest thing he could think of was the department of urban housing, which is now getting cut by billions to "balance" out the budget. I protested with students in a woman's rights demonstration conducted by the students, and supported by the university. I learned about all the movements and advocating that the students at both universities are doing. It was such an empowering time and it makes me so happy to see this going on. I would send my daughter to study abroad here in a heart beat. My journey is not over, we have many more stops to make. I will be posting a lot. I am safe, empowered to make an even greater change in our world. Have a great day.

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