Sunday, March 12, 2017

March 12th (Day 3) - Chennai and Anandam

We now have wifi in our second hotel and am able to post here to the blog. For pictures of our time in India, which are being updated daily, see here.

After our sightseeing in Delhi and Agra, we are now in Chennai, India, in the state of Tamil Nadu. Shortly after we landed we had a chance to visit Anandam Old Age Home.

It was surprising how vastly different these "elders" - mostly over 70, without family support, and without an income for themselves - live out the twilight years of their lives in community together without having to pay anything.

Sleeping 8 within a large room, cooking and cleaning their own food and living spaces, having group meditation, prayer, and/or yoga on a daily basis, and engaging in community projects are just a few of the things we learned. 

Furthermore, by these elders expressing what needs they have to the volunteers and social workers that live adjacent to them, this itself drives how funds are raised, what capital and labor projects are undertaken, and how the community itself morphs into a larger, wholistic life center. Check out their website and this short video description of the new Free Clinic facility.

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