Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Reflections from Anne Silverstein

Going to the bathroom in a foreign country, such as India, is not always the easiest. Now imagine trying to figure out how to use a toilet that is merly a small hole in the floor, not to mention in 100 degree weather, and then walking out of the stall and realizing your whole group accidentally left you. As bad as this situation sounds, this was actually one of the positive turning points of this trip. To elaborate, as soon as I came to the realization I was completely sperated from my group on Loyola's college campus, I went into survivor mode. My first instinct was to not panic. Unfortunately, that first instinct didn't work out so well. As I slightly began to panic because the nightmare I have been having month before this trip had finally came true, I was then left to my second instinct; just start wandering. As I wandered around the beautiful campus of Loyola for a few minutes, I final found the classroom that my group was previously in. My group had previously left the building to attend a student march. Yet, I decided to sit inside hoping someone would come find me; and, to surprise, someone did. However, the people that did find me were not from my schools group. These individuals that followed me into the classroom were the locals from Loyola. I am not even sure if they realized I was lost (however, with the sheer confusion on my face, they probably did) but the local students sat down one on each side of me and chatted, joked, and just shared more about themselves with me. This was my first close, personal encounter with individuals for India. Going into this trip, I was not sure how a tall, blond, pale, American would be viewed. What I realized from this encounter is that they don't care to judge foreigners, they just want to share their culture and just simply interact.

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